9mmMakarov and 22LR

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    Sales are cash only.

    For sale in the Portland area, FTF:

    Makarov 9x18:

    1) Nine boxes of 16 rounds each, 144 rounds each of 100 grain Russian military
    surplus ammo, corrosive primer as in all Russian military ammo. Made by Tula Cartridge works, $3.00 each

    2) Seven Boxes Norinco Green Box, non corrosive military spec ammo 95 grain, widely regarded as some of the best, 50 rounds per box, $10 each.

    3) Blazer 95 grain TMJ, 30 round box, $10

    4) Six boxes MFS +P 95 grain FMJ, brass cased, boxer primed and reloadable, packed 50 rounds per box, $10 each.

    5) One box LVE, 50 rounds per box, bullet mass 6 g per bullet, about 92.5 grains. $10.00 - Sold

    6) Six boxes Barnaul Brass Plated steel case, 94 grains, 50 rounds per box, $10 each

    7)Ten Boxes Barnaul enameled steel case, packed 40 rounds per box, 6.1 grams per bullet, about 94 grains, $10 each

    8)Nine boxes Wolf Military Classic, 95 grain, 50 rounds per box, $10 each

    10) Grab pack of 22LR, 525 brick Federal copper plated hollow point, 36 grain, with about 100 rounds less, about 1 and a half CCI Stinger 32 grain and one full box of CCI shotshell 31 grain, 20 rounds to a box. all for $20

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