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950 rds. of BVAC .223 62gr. Lead Core Ammo *SOLD*

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WTS: 950 rds. of BVAC .223 Remington Ammo - $250

It's this stuff: AMM-2785 - Ammo .223 BVAC FMJ 62 Grain 500-Rd Box 2950 fps 500 Round Box Inspected Once-fired Brass

Note that this is rather odd. It's a 62gr. bullet, but NOT the surplus SS109 w/ steel penetrator. It's totally non-magnetic and should be safe for steel.

Headstamp: Lake City
Bullet: 62gr. Copper Jacket, Lead Core (safe for steel targets/passes magnet test)
Case: Brass, Boxer primed, non-corrosive
Packaged: 2x 500rd. boxes. One opened 4/20/2011 and 50 rounds fired.

Pickup only. I'm not shipping.

If interested PM or e-mail me at noaim69@gmail.com
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