870 tactical review

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by gun runner, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Thanks for sharing the vid. Lot of fun watching the food explode off the front of the gun. Remington started using their magazine extention with that "reduction" for a bayonet mount a long time ago; first on their 7188 and 7180 guns (kinda a whole other discussion there though) and the mounts (adapters) were used a bit later on the Marine's 870 Mk1 in1969 as well as 'kits' sold to the Air Force, Navy, LE and everyone in between. Have heard stories of the general public buying the factory Remington mounts out of bins for a couple bucks back in the 80s... I was bidding on a 870 Mk1 mount on ePay a year or so ago... I stopped bidding at $700 and didn't win the auction.

    Curious how many shells you have through the gun and how its been working for you... would like to hear more about the gun after a few thousand shells.

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