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IMG_5784.JPG I have some 7x57(7mm Mauser) for sale or trade. It is all factory ammo. Trades interested in are .556/223 ammo, .22 cal bullets, H-335 powder and Ar-15 related stuff(uppers, lowers, build kits, barrels) I am interested in building a AR pistol let me know what you have. Below is a list of ammo and round count. All partial boxes have brass with them. Thanks.
Sell for $150
Rem core-lokt .140gr.(6 boxes 120ct.)
Fed. Premium, .140gr. Nosler partition(3 boxes 60ct.) (1 partial 2ct.)
Fed. .140gr. Speer hot-core (13ct.)
Fed. .175gr. SPRN (13ct.)
Hornady .139gr. SST(1 partial box 10 ct.)
Hornady .139gr. BTSP(1 partial box 14 ct.)
3 partial boxes of older ammo. Look at picture for details. They are on the right. If you have any questions or need better pics just let me know. There is a total of 261 loaded rounds.
Thanks, Josh.
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