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Hey there!

Haven't been able to shoot because ammo is too expensive? Looking for a PDW type weapon? Want something fun and unique? Well, in that case!

I've got a side charging BCA upper with very little salt, about 200 rounds fired, and it's got a bunch of nice parts attached to it. Some highlights are the larue mbt-2s trigger and the surefire 3 prong making the firearm highly effective. Recoil is well controlled by the sba3 brace, h2 buffer, and bexar flat wire spring. The angled foregrip makes the compact gun easy to hold, and for the tactical types it has a QD end plate. It also has a black rifle arms enhanced firing pin so I haven't had any issues with light primer strikes. The reason I'm selling is because I have too many guns and this doesn't see much use despite being a lot of fun to shoot.

My personal cost for the gun comes out to around 905 and the mileage is quite low (just look at that bolt). I am open to some barter and maybe even trades that are reasonable, but I think asking 685 OBO for the gun and two 30 round magazines (one asc, one duramag) is a fair deal. Alternatively, a g17/19/34 with some money added (amount depends on quality/parts of the g19) would be a cool trade.

For those wondering about the barrel length, 7.62x39 is essentially the same thing ballistically as 300 blackout (primary arms, sig, and others use the same 300 blackout reticle for 7.62x39), and it will perform very well at any distance you can possibly justify in court. I'm in Portland, and any sale will be done through an FFL.

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions and make offers!

**Updated pricing. Some items have gone down in price so I adjusted my pricing
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Last Edited:
Hey, I'm sorry for the delay, I thought my reply had gone through.

I appreciate the offer but I'm gonna have to pass, I already have an ar308. Thank you though! Good luck with your sale/trade
all good man thanks for the reply. would love to get my hands on this but just financially not in a position to make any purchases at the moment.

thanks again, GLWS

- wolf pack
Sale fell through, buyer had stuff happen in their life that made them pull out. The gun is available for sale again and I'm dropping the price to 1030 as ammo has come down a bit in price recently.

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