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7.62 x 39-

28 federal brass case fmj. 15 russian mixed hp and fmj, some blemished cases. 24 federal 125 gr soft point hunting ammo.


PMC .223, marked .223 5.56 ball, one box, plus 34 loose round.

3 30 round mini 14 magazines, two blued, one stainless.

one box of 50 .30 cal barnes 165 gr x bullets

.44 mag one box of 50 once fired brass.

looking for .30-06, .45 colt, .38/357 9mm .30-30 .257 roberts, .308. spare mag for a remington 740 short action .308, or a 742 long, .30-06. Also looking for .300 wsm brass.

might be interested in other stuff, just ask.

What do you want for the mini-14 mags? I would also take your .223 PMC ammo and .44 brass. I could trade 50 primed and prepped .30-06 for the .44 brass, give you my .45 colt brass and some lead bullets...? I also have some 9mm brass and .308 brass I could throw in. Let me know...
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