6x45 (6mm-223) for 308 AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Yankeefan, Nov 5, 2013.

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    6x45 otherwise known as a 6mm-223. This is a 6mm bullet on a 223 case. It's a pretty cool little round but I've lost interest. Built this thinking I would get into this for deer hunting and coyote hunting and I just haven't. There isn't but 60 rounds down the Black Hole Weaponry 1-10 twist barrel 18 inch mid length barrel. It has a YHM free float handguard on it, comes with the Burris PEPR mount and Nikon Monarch 2-7x40 scope. Also has Magpul ctr stock and miad grip. YHM bipod mount and Shooter's Ridge swivel 6-9 bipod. Will also include the 20 round pmag with round limiter in it and the attached sling. Charging handle is a BCM mod 3 handle and a Young Manufacturing Bolt Carrier Group. I also have about 30 bullets and maybe 50 cases sized, primed and ready to load that I will include as well.

    Would really like to trade (with cash on my end) for a 308 AR...no DPMS rifle please. The only other things I'd be interested in would be an M1A...no Cetme's or FALs.

    Not exactly sure what market value on this is but I think $1050 might be reasonable. Let me know. Roseburg area.


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