'64 Plymouth Valiant

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    Hi everyone, I have a 1964 Plymouth Valiant up for sale or partial/full trade. It's running on a Slant 6 and is a very good running car with surprisingly good gas mileage. It was just re-painted about 2-3 months ago. It had the Carb replaced and the Brakes replaced when I got it. The Body is in great condition with no dents. There is a few things that I'd like for people to know about the car before going any further. The Radio and Gas Gauge have a slight wiring problem(or so I've been told). The Gas Gauge doesn't work, which is a damn shame, and the Radio works but it turns off after 5 seconds or so. There is a small 1 inch sized crack on the Rear-Right Passenger's Armrest. Other than that everything in the interior, and the overall car, is great. I just wanted to list everything as honestly as I could so that there's no funny business or time wasted by either of us. I don't have pics of the interior at the moment but I'll take some soon if anyone is interested.
    I'm asking 5,000 for the Valiant but I'm willing to listen to offers if it's all cash. Trade Value will be 5500. I'm open to hearing trade offers. Things I'd definitely be interested are an AK,MAK-90,AR-15, FAL,CETME, Gold/Silver, Land/Acreage, and possibly other motor vehicles with Cash on my end or yours to even things out if it's not 5500 trade value. PM any questions or offers and I'll respond as quickly and throughly as I can. Thanks.

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