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6.8mm SPC
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500 rounds
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Federal XM68GD is one of the most sought after configurations for 6.8 SPC and boasts incredible terminal performance on hogs and deer! Each cartridge is topped by a 90 grain, bonded Gold Dot projectile (of Speer's shared technology) with an exposed lead tip. The bullet is built using a Uni-Cor process which results in a uniform copper coating that is permanently bound to its lead core. Upon impact, the soft-point projectile experiences massive expansion with near-perfect weight retention which ensures that it will penetrate deeply, yaw reliably, and deposit massive energy into a target's vitals for efficient lethality. That makes this round appropriate for medium game hunting as well as for defense against two-legged predators.

The 90 grain projectile weight is light for the 6.8mm SPC caliber and offers flat shooting and manageable recoil. A heat-treated brass casing is crimped to the bullet's toothed cannelure in order preserve accuracy throughout jostling and rough handling. The case's annealing improves flexibility which prevents splits while yielding consist chamber pressures and muzzle velocities. Other components include clean-igniting Boxer primers and high energy smokeless propellant. Federal and Speer are both owned by the ATK group which is recognized for answering stringent contracts for federal and state level law enforcement agencies. Their products represent the forefront of ammunition technology and consistently deliver amazing results in all disciplines.
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