.45 ACP UZI 16 rd mags, new in wrappers (3) Lower price!!

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    I have 3 and only 3, they are IMI Israeli manufacture and in perfect, unused condition. USPS MO only, or trades as listed

    These have not been imported since the early 1990s and are extremely rare. Can be modified into steel AR15 mags for the Olympic Arms 45 conversion and are rock solid reliable

    No sales to prohibited states

    $160 each. Shipping.. all 3 can go in one USPS bulk box for $6 total, or buy one or two, same cost

    Will take the following trades

    Quality radial arm saw

    Large high quality bandsaw

    Quality router table/bits

    Good condition large belt sander

    Large, excellent condition quality chainsaw

    Medium Stihl or other high quality make chainsaw

    Wood carving/working tools

    Silver coins

    Some percussion revolvers

    Italian 45 LC Peacemaker, or .22 caliber, and some other revolvers

    G21 Glock

    Lone Wolf G20 (long slide) parts

    NAA .22 mini revolvers

    HK factory claw mounts

    G3 Mag Pul adjustable stock

    G3 30 rd SA mags

    HK 93 parts (no barrels wanted) including some aftermarket items and German claw mounts and a full or partial parts kit. Want an A3 stock..

    US made steel/iron single stage press in working order

    Eotech optics

    45-60 dies

    Some bullet molds, specify what you got

    Quality strobe lights

    Some types of folding foregrips

    Single and 3 point slings

    Reloading components in the following calibers: 40/45 ACP/10MM/.357 Magnum/44 Magnum/45 LC/some 5.56 items/7.62 x 39/7.62 NATO/45-60/45-70/12 GA, especially primers, AA wads, buckshot and Remington black hi base hulls (the duck-pheasant load type)

    If you're local I would also consider some types of sealed factory gunpowder

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