WTS WA 45 ACP Brass Processed/Unprocessed SOLD!!! THANKS!!!

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    I have 700 polished, but UNPROCESSED 45 ACP brass casings. All of them are Large Pistol Primers, and I threw a few extras in all of the 100 round bags. I'm selling 100 casings for $10, or you can buy all 700 for $60.


    The second "lot" has been processed, and I'm selling them for $12 per 100. They are all Large Pistol Primers, and I threw a few extras in each 100 rnd bag. I have 500 available, and if you buy all of them, I'll sell the lot for $50. The primers have been removed, pockets have been cleaned, and they've been re-sized.


    The third "lot" has been processed, but it's all Small Pistol Primers. I'm selling them for $12 per 100, or $20 for all 200 of them.

    I didn't take a picture of these, but they look the same as the other processed brass... The pockets are just a little smaller!

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