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.44 Super Redhawk and reloading supplies, extras

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by kirkthoma, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. kirkthoma

    kirkthoma Woodland WA Member

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    .44 Super Redhawk Stainless 7.5"- great bore, tight gun, zealously cleaned, great condition overall. Hogue grips. This is a workhorse of a pistol and very accurate (when I do my part)

    Comes With:
    Camo Sidekick holster
    Approx 60 rounds of handloaded ammo (all within SAAMI specs)
    Approx 60 pieces of brass
    Approx 80 240 gn XTPs
    Approx 300 Missouri Elmer Keith 245 Gn Cast wadcutters
    Approx 1.5 lbs of Win 296, purchased this fall
    500-600 CCI primers- Magnum Pistol
    .44 reloading manual (not pictured)
    RCBS Carbide .44 dies with an extra set of dies for parts (not quite complete) as well as shellholder.

    Gun, Holster, Boresnake, Ammo- $675
    Whole Package-$800

    Sorry, not willing to sell reloading supplies unless gun sells (I can't afford to shoot .44 without reloading).

    I originally bought this for hunting, but have decided to stick to long guns (missed a very nice blacktail :( ) I am selling or trading for a muzzeloader or compound bow setup (+/- cash okay) of equal value. I may be interested in other trades of equal value (AR, AK, or....?)

    I'm not hard up for money, but am serious to sell at asking price. Any lower and I start to think about keeping it...;)




    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
  2. oldironsides

    oldironsides Lakewood WA Member

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    I would offer up my Mak90 for this deal and through in some ammo, it is posted on this site.
  3. kirkthoma

    kirkthoma Woodland WA Member

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    PM Sent.
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