WTB OR .44 magnum brass & Jacketed bullets

Discussion in 'Ammunition Wanted' started by Walter Sobchak, Apr 1, 2014.

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    A few years back I cleared out all my .44 mag reloading components, thinking I was done with this caliber, but now it looks like I might be trading into a Ruger .44 magnum carbine.
    So, since factory ammo is expensive as hell, I'm in the market for some brass and even some jacketed projectiles if somebody has some they're looking to get rid of.
    Not going to be willing to pay out the nose for these, I can go thru Midway for that.
    Probably have some .357 or .38 spl brass to trade if that's more your speed, or on the offhand chance you're looking for 50 gr. z-max projectiles, I've got a few hundred of those I don't see myself using.
  2. Jay03

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    I have lots of .44 stuff I could sell you. Less than retail for sure, new brass and bullets powder and primers if your interested.

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