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So, I recently acquired a revolver in .44 Magnum and like it very much thus far. Alas, trigger time has been hampered by real life, but I look forward to more times on the home range.

I'm also reading an old book (circa 1995) entitled Hand Cannons: The World's Most Powerful Handguns. In said, there are some automatics chambered in .44 Magnum and those in the same power range. There is, naturally, the Desert Eagle, but also the LAR Grizzly listed. I also read the 1982 bowling pin book Hit the White Part by Massad Ayoob that mentions the .44 Magmatic self-loader.

Anyway, just out of curiosity, what are the options for an automatic .44 Magnum these days? Pretty much just the Desert Eagle or are there others? Thanks.

P.S. I realize they just brought back the Auto Mag, which is very neat pistol, but it uses a proprietary cartridge.
DE seems to be pretty much it. The Automag uses their proprietary cartridge (dumb) as you know.
My Wholesaler shows 9 DE and the Henry Maresleg. I've never cared for any of the Maresleg type guns but I do like the DEs except for the Price Tag. I think the Revolver and an older Marlin in that caliber is the way to go. All though an older model Ruger Vaquero is also a good option.:)
It's the big rim on the 44 that makes it difficult to put in a semi auto. The automag was just a 308 winchester case converted to be 44 automag. Wildey made a few 44s but went on to the 475 with an auto rim that cycled.

Home of the Wildey Survivor

I had a DE in 44 and they shoot real straight but function is bad. I had to build one load that would operate reliable but even then I had more jams than I would put up with. If you find one that runs then keep it, it's rare.:D

Ruger made a good semi rifle that was tube fed but they held less rounds than a handgun. Owned a couple but just easier to carry a handgun in 44 plus you were alays loading it because of the low round capacity. I like my 94 Winchester in 44, holds plenty of rounds and still lightweight.

I really like the 44 M77 even though the mags only hold 4 rounds, I just change mags. It makes a fine suppressed weapon and shoots real straight even when the barrel is cut to 9 inches to be suppressed.

If I buy another 44 it will be a browning in the 92 lever action, just because:D

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