WTS WA 44 Mag brass, 1500++++ pieces, will ship or FTF.

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    Marysville, Wa

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    WTS, 44 Mag brass

    Mixed headstamped brass (RP, WIN, PMC, Herters, etc.......), some are sorted. Lots of 1x fired, some 2x in the mix. Approx 50% are tumbled, few are deprimed only. Good solid brass, mostly yellow with a few nickel.

    Priced at .20 each for up to 500 pieces

    500 for $95

    1000 for $185

    I can ship via flatrate. (200 willfit in a $6 box), or I can ship larger qtys in the $12 or $17 box.
    M/O or personal check or cash is fine. Sorry no Paypal.

    Thanks, Rob
    (Marysville WA)

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