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40 S&W
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I have 4 boxes of AE 40 SW 155 FMJ.

I want to trade only for 9mm in similar fashion.

No steel case.
No reloads please. Factory 9mm.

Can meet in Salem area or around the area.

I'll only sell if can find 9mm.

I'll consider 9mm reloads if it's from a known reloaded or local ammunition manufacturer.

I really prefer to trade but of anyone wants to buy it...

I think $25 per box is fair for my compensation in having to hunt and find 9mm.

No shipping.

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I'm receiving a deluge of offers and replies and I want to answer all of them here.

This ammo is unused factory AE, wasn't opened by me and it is not reloads.

I will not drive 100 or billion miles for 9mm, I'd like to keep it near local. If you want to meet me halfway somewhere CLOSE to Salem, I can do that. I've responded to several that I can meet in Wilsonville near the freeway, simple drop off and exchange, look see and we go on our way.

I've lowered the price and yes some want it cheaper, this is my price for my compensation in TRYING to find 9mm ammo at Bi Mart and other places, wasting gas, wasting time and efforts. If you have 200 rds of 9mm FMJ Brass case factory ammo, and you can meet me close or half way from Salem, you get the deal.

I apologize if I am sounding hard, this is not rocket science, 200 rds of 40SW for 200 9mm, that is it.

Not a scam.. yes I know 40SW is sometimes more, I don't care.. this is surplus to my needs, I have nothing in 40SW, if you have 40 SW, kudos and achievement bonus mission unlocked for you.
Ammo production is showing 2014 production date, it sat in a safe with moisture protection inside of an ammo can unused since 2015.

thank you.
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