338 Lapua

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    I have for sale a 338 Lapua that was built off of a Weatherby Accumark MRK 5 action. The barrel is a Lilja 26 in fluted #6 contour and has a removeable muzzle brake with screw on thread protector. All of the gunsmithing was done by Longshot Precision Rifles in Montana. I had the rifle built with the intension of getting into long range shooting/hunting but time never allowed me to do so. The barrel has right at 215 rounds down it and has never been shot more than 3 shots at a time with out cooling the barrel. The rifle with current scope weighs 10-10.5 lbs.

    I also have 50-60 pieces of new Lapua brass, 40 or so new Norma brass, foster ultra micrometer seater die, redding S bushing neck sizeing die, redding shoulder bump die.

    2000.00 for the rifle. Would prefer FTF in Oregon but will ship at buyers expense to FFL. Scope not included at this price.
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