WTS WA .32 Auto 1,848 rounds Prvi, Rem, Win,. REDUCED

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    I'd prefer to sell all of this in one lot.
    Each box has 50rds. (except the non branded JHPs it has 48)
    2 sealed bags of 12 boxes (total of 24 boxes) of Prvi Partisan 71gr. FMJ
    5 boxes Remington white box 71 gr. FMJ
    2 boxes Remington yellow box 71 gr. FMJ
    2 boxes American Eagle 71 gr. FMJ
    2 boxes Winchester white box 71 gr. FMJ
    1 box Winchester Silver tip 60 gr. JHP
    1 box (48ct) generic/mixed 85 gr. JHP

    $17 PER BOX. Or if you buy it ALL - the entire lot for $600!!!

    Trades are considered for other calibers, eotech X2,3 decent scopes, glock42, AR accessories, barrels, etc... Not interested bottom of the barrel stuff...

    I'm in the East Vancouver Area - not shipping or driving far. Could meet at local gun shop. Would consider "in store credit" for ffls needing this ammo.
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