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300 Rounds 7.62x54R, "7N1" sniper "Priced to Go!"

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by Arkarayne, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Arkarayne

    Arkarayne Medford, OR Member

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    Hi folks, in a bit of a bind and hoping this will cover some baby-related items I need.

    300 rounds of Russia's finest mil-surp ammo for your Mosin Nagants, PSLs and Dragunovs.

    7.62x54R "7N1" designation marksman/sniper. 154 grain Specialized Steel-core boattail projectile. Stamped "188 / 97".

    An increasingly rare round shipped to the US in a relatively small amount, Safe to shoot in all rifles chambered for it.

    15 packs in their "Marksman" printed packages, 20 rounds per pack.

    These usually sell for $1.50 to $2.00 per round, The next 2 weeks:

    $300 for all 300. $1 per round.

    Willing to do $30 per pack of 20, but hoping for the full lot to sell. (will adjust the sale offer if I sell individual packs)

    Free Shipping if someone buys the full lot. (Otherwise $8 for 20-100, $16 for 120+)
    Rogue Valley area for FTF.
  2. JV100

    JV100 portland/wilsonville Active Member

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    To give you a heads up unopened 440 rd tins sell for 120.
  3. bestfromnw

    bestfromnw se portland Member

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    not for the 7N1. $120 tin is the cheapest military ammo that is nowhere near as accurate
  4. e55komp

    e55komp tacoma Member

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    tin of 7n1 is $500 pre-panic, i shoot it in my dragunov, great stuff, glws