30 cal M1 carbine ammo

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    195 rounds, (Found 5 missing) don't want more than $95 but don't want to give them away either. I'm up in Graham WA (near Tacoma/Puyallup) but will be down around Sweet Home OR in the middle of the month. If I can deliver or you can pick up price will be the accepted offer ADD $10 if you must have them shippedWill add pics later tonight.

    3 packages are opened completely, the 4th only has the outer layer opened (If there aren't 50 rounds in that on it's not my fault) The 60938 and 1 - 50 is written on all 4 packages at first I assumed it was a batch number and the 1 - 50 might have stood for January 1950 but these are only guesses.

    When I did the idiot check and took them out to count (finding there were only 195 instead of 200) all seemed to be in good shape w/varying degrees of tarnish on the brass and copper jacketing.

    The one thing that potentially discounts the batch number theory is that there were exactly 20 total (out of the three opened boxes of these with the red ring around them which I have no explanation for.

    Someone has requested a picture of the headstamp so I am adding it here. The mystery of the red rings may have an answer. Upon checking the head stamps I found that the ones with the red ring had a 54 on the head stamp where the rest had a 56. It was also asked if these were steel cased...they ignored the magnet and the magnet ignored them.

    Price determination:
    I checked around the web and found that some people want more than a dollar a round for some of this ammo but the cut off seemed to be that a lot of people did not want to turn loose of these for any less than 50 cents per round and no one seemed to be willing to pay that much so (I started at 200 rounds @ $100) my little "I don't want any more than" was my acknowlegement that no one was going to pay any more than this anyway so why ask for more. That being said, I took of a dollar per round for the ones I found missing but still looking for reasonable offers. If you offer $95, they're yours but if I put down my bottom dollar, no one will offer anything above that. (PM them please rather than replying to the post)
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