WTS OR 3 mosin 91/30's and 2 type 53's

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    Chinese type 53 with side folding bayonet. Both are 1955.

    $150 each.

    Mosin nagant 91/30's.
    1: 1942 round receiver, matching bolt.

    2: 1933 hex receiver, matching bolt. With sling.

    3: 1926 hex receiver, matching bolt. With sling.

    All transactions must go through an ffl. I prefer to use HX2 arms in salem Oregon. Text for pictures. Cash only. You must pay all fees. While supplies last.

    Text S03-S86-89S1 for pictures.

    I do not keep up with threads so if you want to get ahold of me you can text me or have a friend text me. Thank you for your interest.

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