WTS OR 270 Win. RCBS dies & 4 boxes of brass

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by RickM, Mar 30, 2014.

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    March29 033.JPG March29 033.JPG March29 033.JPG March29 033.JPG Found this cleaning out dad's shop. Not sure how he came upon this as he never had a 270 as far as I know. RCBS 3 die set that looks to be in great shape. No shellholder. 4 boxes of Federal unprimed brass. 2 of them look new. 1 box is mixed new and some that have been loaded and fired. Same with the 4th but 5 are missing and there is 3 loaded rounds. I'll say $40 for all and will listen if told is too much. Am in Hillsboro.
    Email is best at: rickm396@yahoo.com

    Guess I need more practice at posting pics!
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    clearing mail box too! it's full, and unconversational.

    As for your listen offer; with the addition of the brass your offer could be considered fair however I'm good on brass. I've been using a lee loader and am now moving into a single stage press making my dies usless for that.
    I could use your die set should you consider seperating.
    25 bucks seems to be what many have been going for (non carbide) and what I have been paying. Just a thought incase you end up getting tired of bumping.

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