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223 Lee Pro 100(((SOLD)))

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by Ding, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Ding

    Ding Lighter Side of Oz Active Member

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    Not really looking for any trades..thanks much..
    The loader was only used to resize about 400 9MM cases,everything else is new and unused.

    185.00 for the 223 set up

    or 300.00 for the whole set up.
    I have about 500 into it.I am in salem so I can meet ya in the surrounding area also.I am sure I forgot some items.
    It is lightly used.I actually just sized about 400 rounds of 9MM brass with it.All the carriers are new .You can use RCBS dies and others with this machine.I have this on a couple other forums and the time stamp rule prevails.
    223 dies aren't pictured but come with it.
    Everything is here to load for 223 right now––plus complete shell plate carriers for the calibers below
    these carriers just drop in the press and ya are ready to go,just add the dies of your choice.
    Complete carrier for 222, 223, 380 Auto, 32 S&W L., 32 H&R Mag.
    Complete carrier for .45 ACP,.308 etc.
    Complete carrier for 9MM,40 S&W, 10mm Auto, 9mm Luger, 38 Super, 38 Auto, 41 AE
    complete carrier for 38 Spl., 357 Mag., etc.
    4 turret heads (they hold the dies etc.
    Bullet collator ––––––––––––––––-
    2 sets of tubes,,8 all together––––––––––––––––-
    Case feeder x 3 one for 223 cases,small caliber cases like 380 auto,40 caliber 9MM etc.cases and large cases like the 38 special,LC etc.–You can run all the calibers listed with them
    2 swivel adapters for powder measure so you can add another 2 powder measures to the lineup-
    Adjustable charge bar-It adjustable,fits under the powder measure like the powder disks and can be used instead of the powder disks for precise powder measurements or lighter loads like the 380 etc..
    auto disk powder measure
    2 auto disk risers
    complete set of powder disks with the riser to use 2 disks if needed(for rifle)
    enough spare parts to last forever for all the carriers,powder measure and press,too many to list really.
    You have everything you need .I am in salem oregon if ya want a FTF in surrounding area.
    There is a set of 223 dies that come with it also..not in the picture.
  2. Ding

    Ding Lighter Side of Oz Active Member

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    BTT..If ya have any questions please free to ask..
  3. Apache

    Apache McMinnville, Oregon Member

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    Would you be open to any trade offers?
  4. Ding

    Ding Lighter Side of Oz Active Member

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    One last bump.if you have ANY questions just ask.thanks D
  5. rocket_jockey

    rocket_jockey Dayton, Oregon Member

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    Would you make me a deal on the .38 spl shell carrier and a turret head, and a few odds and ends. I have a lee 1000 set up for 9mm, I want to shoot my revolver a little more and single stage is getting old.


    Im close for a FTF, Brooks or West Salem?
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