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.22 ammo - Corvallis Area -UPDATED-

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by MinnesotaORnewbie, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. MinnesotaORnewbie

    MinnesotaORnewbie Oregon Active Member

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    ***UPDATE***I have had some kind messages of support. I have had some interest as well and can help more outt. Let me know, I will be gone part of tomorrow heading to Portland for the day, so if someone is in the Portland area, I guess this now can include you as well.

    I have some .22 ammo for trade or maybe sell. 1 Catch, I don't have a lot and I am willing to get rid of only 100-300 rounds. 100 per person or more or all to a family. I am looking to help out anyone that is in my area, Corvallis, that has no ammo to go shoot. I didn't realize .22 ammo was that hard to find and I will not be going out to shoot anytime soon because I'm busy. Seeing that some people work during the day and cannot wait in line or cannot afford buying 500 rounds at these stupid gouger prices. So do you have a son, or daughter, or both, or even the Mrs.'s that would like to go shoot for the day and need some ammo? This is who I am willing to trade or sell to. ONLY. Either have a great story or bring the kid along so I know you’re not a creep. I would hope no one is that low to lie to get 100-300 rounds of .22

    I have available:

    50 - .22 CCI Stinger sub-sonic
    50 - .22 LR CCI Copper FMJ
    200 - .22 LR Remington Thunderbolt
    20 - .22 LR CCI Shot shell (Bird shot)

    I would like to trade, more importantly help someone have a fun outing, so for all the thread police, I will put a cash price of $0. Bottom line is let me know what your situation is and we can figure something out. I don't want to make money, and I am only saving 200 rounds for myself not knowing what is going to happen with the in stock of .22 ammo for the next month or two. AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO TRADE OR TRUELY CANNOT AFFORD IT, REPLY ANY WAYS.

    What I could use or might pay difference for:

    AR 15 wrench, AR 15 work mat, maybe misc. AR parts, cheap true glo red dot, Corvallis area National forest maps, paper targets, paper target stand, Magpul BUIS - front or rear or both, tactical rifle bag, 9-12 inch free float quad rail, or let me know.

    Pm me or post a way to contact you if you’re interested.
    I'm in Corvallis and would like it if you can meet me in Corvallis
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  2. MinnesotaORnewbie

    MinnesotaORnewbie Oregon Active Member

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    This isn't exactly a bump since I'm more or less lowering my price to $0.
    I have had 1 person so far that I would like to help out and the situation warrants there is enough to help someone else or maybe 2 people out. I dug in my supply and have more than I figured. So send me a pm if your interested.
  3. Airdaddyo

    Airdaddyo Salem, Or New Member

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    Thanks for meeting me last night. The kids are itchin' to go shoot. Appreciate a community like this (that I just found) that understands the value and importance of a family activity and during a time when 22lr is tight, makes available what they don't need or can't use to those who can.

    In that same spirit I will go through my ammo today and post some of mine.