2005 Limited Edition Hayabusa

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    I've been talking about this now for awhile and I am finally ready to sell it.

    Here is my Craigslist ad:

    OOOPs forgot the price: $9,000.00

    I have for sale my most prized possession, a 2005 limited edition graphite grey Hayabusa. I haven't screwed with the motor as it is all stock. The previous owner was a father of four working at Microsoft and then by a mature rider with an endorsement over 25 years. Front tire has not been off the ground. I have had three back surgeries in the last 5 years with the last 2 of them in two years. Physically I am fine but after riding on my busa for more than 30 minutes or so I am ready stop for the day. This bike deserves to be owned and ridden by someone who can truly appreciate it.

    The bike itself has gone through some cosmetic work all done by James of AMI before he closed down and from what I understand is now doing work from his house. Cosmetic work includes:

    -removal of factory stickers and emblems
    -lowering 1.5" in the front and 2' in the rear
    -majority of the factory shiny is now powder coated black
    -handle bar risers installed
    -windshield bubble painted to match
    -matching aftermarket undertail
    -custom license plate holder, powder coated to match
    -handle bar ends powder coated
    -Pig spotter II's installed with LED turn signal painted to match
    -'smoked' amber front turn signals
    really too much to list for the ad. Needs to be seen to be appreciated.

    NEVER LAID DOWN and ALWAYS GARAGED with trickle charger plugged in.

    Now for the rest of the ad, following items included in the sale:
    -Front and rear Bike stands
    -Battery Trickle charger
    -Shoei (SP?) X-11 painted to match
    -2 leather jackets, one of which goes with the pants for a 'zipped' riding suit
    -1 leather track pants with knee pucks
    -Heavy duty riding gloves with kevlar knuckles
    -2 sets of boots (I wear a size 12) one set is pictured used a lot and the other set (forget the name) are very heavy duty track boots
    -Garmin Quest II GPS (bike has the RAM mount installed) includes vehicle charger/window mount, owners manual and software. Cool little GPS system and works really well in the auto also has voice directions.
    -Factory hump has had the Busa trunk kit installed for extra storage
    -Factory rear seat and grab bar (Grab Bar has never been installed)
    -There is something I am sure I am forgetting but will edit the ad in the future as I remember

    I will not sell this bike to anyone under the age of 23 or had had their endorsement for less than 18 months, unless your father or mentor is present for me to ask and verify your riding experience. You will kill yourself on this bike and I will not be a part of it. This is the most expensive bike (or in the top 3) to insure. You might want to check your rates before considering a bank loan. I have found State Farm to give the best rates as they rate by engine size and not bike name.

    Test rides will not be granted unless cash is present. I will ride it and you can follow to verify performance.

    Please contact me through email only and put weather conditions in the subject line as I do not need a Nigerian Prince offering me a large sum if I wire him the difference.

    Only trades I might consider are firearms and you will need to list them in the email as I have a diverse taste in guns.

    More and better quality pics are available upon request.

    Thank you for reading my ad.
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    Price per forum rules.

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