20" Colt 7.62x39 flattop on RRA Lower w/ 2 stage trig + 6 good mags and 2 crappy one

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    All original complete Colt 20 inch 7.62X39 flattop upper with colt MPI bolt and carrier, standard carry handle. I am the only owner of this upper and it has had less than 300 rounds through it. All ammo has been federal brass, no dirty commie ammo through my babies! No scratches or damage of any kind, she has spent ALOT of time in the safe. Have the knock down of an AK with the ergonomics and accuracy of the AR! I can hit just about anything easily with the irons out to 200 yards, its seriously accurate for a 7.62x39.

    Lower is a RRA with 2 stage trigger and a ARFX skeleton rifle stock. Not much to say other than this is a pretty sweet setup, buttery smooth takeup to a crisp trigger break. The soft foam on the buffer tube makes cheek welds pleasurable, especially when its cold. Goes bang every time and the only lover its ever had is the one that is on top of it now. Its holes are not all reamed out from slutting it up with any upper that comes along, nope she's a one upper kinda lower and that suits her fine.

    Comes with 8 mags. 4 of these mags are CProducts 10 rounders, I love these they are 100% reliable. 2 of them are CProducts 30 rounders, I tested each one out and they shot with 100% reliability. Now I'm not going to lie to you, 2 of these are 30 round no name steel body pieces of total bubblegum. Do what you like with them, just know they are garbage and I won't need them around anymore. So call it 6 real mags and 2 crappy mags.

    No paperwork unless it makes you feel more comfortable. I will need to peek at your WADL or WAID + a CPL or a WAC card. I will be happy to show you a peek at mine at the same time. Now if you are wearing gangster clothing, look like a tweeker, or I don't like you, you will not be buying the weapon, so sorry.

    The price is $2000 cash.I will be available to meet between Fife and Sea-Tac. No trades needed, unless you have a 95% or better S&W Pre-lock 10mm revolver. I am only selling due to ammo consolidation and this is my last 7.62x39 weapon.

    I am happy to answer any questions or take more pics if needed.


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