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2 - AR's - Billet Lowers - High quality and great values - It's 2012, you need an AR!

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by jasonk, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. jasonk

    jasonk Vancouver area Member

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    I've decided that I want to fund a Seekins 3-gun AR, they are sweet but not cheap.

    I'd like to see a WA guy save the tax and ffl fees so I'll list them here for a day before going to a couple national sites. All sales will be done FTF in either downtown Vancouver area or Salmon Creek where I-5 and 205 meet. For a Portland transaction we would meet at the Portland Gun Store off of 205 & Stark I believe, you cover the $35 FFL fee.

    Both of these AR's have Kies Billet Lowers, all milspec with the sling plate at the castle nut, very nice lower and done right. The only odd part is that they are marked 22lr for their caliber, I was going to build a couple dedicated 22lr ARs and picked these up for that, then ADD kicked in.

    Both are being sold for less than the uppers would cost you new, so you're getting a quality billet lower for free. The lowers typically run about $300 shipped.
    AR Lowers

    We all know that the flash does funny things to color, light oil, specs of lint, etc. Both are very nice in color, fit, finish and condition. If you have questions please ask.

    AR #1 - Brand new - Billet lower as mentioned above. Upper is a YHM 7700-S w/ 1-7" twist barrel. Round count on the upper is about 1k, just broken in, ready to rock some zombies or coyotes.
    Smooth Rifle Top End [YHM-7700-S] - $832.00 : YHM, Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. | Makers of High Quality Firearms, Accessories & Sound Suppressors, Makers of High Quality Firearms, Accessories & Sound Suppressors

    Price for AR #1 is $800 and it will come with a brand new Pmag.





    AR#2 - Brand new - Billet lower as mentioned above. Upper is a Sabre Defence mid-length 16" upper from PK Firearms w/ the Troy rail added by them. Round count is under 500, runs nice, ready to roll. One of the pictures shows a larger latch on the charging handle, but it will come with a std. milspec one. My suppressor is not included, I will include a A2 std flash hider.

    Price for AR#2 is $780 and it will also come with a brand new Pmag.



  2. JWest

    JWest Lake Stevens Active Member

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    PM inbound on #2
  3. rupey7

    rupey7 Pacific Northwest Active Member

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    PM Sent on #2
  4. AnthonyNorfleet

    AnthonyNorfleet Oregon Active Member

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    Hey guys just a fyi, I am going to be picking up both of these uppers tomorrow evening. The lowers should still be avaliable tho.
  5. jasonk

    jasonk Vancouver area Member

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    We'll call it all SPF for now, will lock while a few pms get answered.
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