2,000 9mm cases, decapped and tumbled.

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    2,000 once fired indoor LEO cases. Mixed head stamp. I looked at a few and I saw Win and R&P head stamps, probably others in there. Nice cases.

    Decapped, full length resized, tumbled in walnut.

    $100 includes shipping, or $85 FTF Central Point, OR. I'll take discreet paypal. DON'T use my email address here, that's not my paypal address. Give me your paypal addy and I'll invoice you. I'll also take personal check and hold it one week after deposit, or I'll take MO etc. for immediate shipment.

    .380 brass once fired (or quality defensive factory loaded ammo, no FMJ.)

    .45 ACP brass once fired (or quality defensive reloading bullets, or quality defensive factory loaded ammo, no FMJ.)

    223/556 brass once fired (or quality 55 gr FMJ reloading bullets)

    Large pistol primers, not magnum. (for .45 ACP)

    .380 Lee 3 die set.

    Quality brand brass tumbler.

    Case length trimmer


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