1885 winchester schutzen

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    Found this a local pawn shop.
    chambered in 22lr, 30" barrel #5 contour, freakin' heavy, really freakin heavy.
    double set triggers, likely not factory, but cool none the less.
    tang rear sight, globe style front sight.
    schutzen style brass butt (plate?) really old school.
    to top it all off it has a Unertl scope mounted.

    didn't have long to check it out, scope power and serial number I will get later when I go back next week. did some quick online checking. it was made after 1909, reciever was reblued as they were originally color case hardened. barrel is factory. It is likely a non factory custom, as such may not appeal to a purist, but those go for thousands. the price on this is $700.

    I am heading back next week for pictures and a serial number
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    Be neat to see...looking forward to pictures.
    Thanks for posting.
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