1300 rounds of 45 230 gr PMC bronze with Cabelas dry storage box

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by Dcamp85, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Dcamp85

    Salem, OR

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    Selling 1300 rounds of PMC bronze 230gr fmj with Cabelas dry storage box for $520. This was bought from Cabelas a couple months ago and I no longer own a 45.

    I require id for proof of residence, ccw is a plus. We will agree on a public place to meet. Also if we meet up and I recognize you from my workplace I will not sell to you period.

    ***** okay apparently my directions for what i require were confusing to all except the one person who scheduled to buy from me.

    I like state ID just to verify residence of the state of Oregon and to make sure you're not illegal. Concealed permit isn't a must, but if you have one that would be awesome because that means your trusted by the state to carry a gun. If you don't have one not a deal breaker. And I work for a place that deals with dirt bags on a daily basis. Hope this covers everything. However with all of that said sale is pending till after Monday. Good night all.
  2. fredball

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    So now you can't buy ammo across state lines you need a conceal carry permit you have got to be crapping me ?????
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