For sale is this 10-40 X 50 Scope manufactured by UAG with a dual red/green mil-dot reticle. Includes high profile "see-thru" rings that fits weaver or picatinny rails and still allows you to use your iron sights and see through scope cover. Scope is still in the box and is in as-new condition.

The magnification level is pretty ridiculous when set to 40 X 50 and it would make a great scope for a varmint rifle if you wanted to pick off Sage Rats from a LONG, LONG distance away. I had it briefly on a 10/22 which was just too much scope for too little gun, but it would be great for an HMR .17 or a
.223 which has a flat enough trajectory to make use of the magnification. It is my understanding that these scopes can also hold zero pretty well even on a large caliber magnum, but I was unable to test that myself.

$65 including shipping anywhere.
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