A headstone, tombstone, or gravestone is a stele or marker, usually stone, that is placed over a grave. They are traditional for burials in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions, among others. In most cases they have the deceased's name, date of birth, and date of death inscribed on them, along with a personal message, or prayer, but they may contain pieces of funerary art, especially details in stone relief. In many parts of Europe insetting a photograph of the deceased in a frame is very common.

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  1. CountryGent

    What do you consider the "Golden Age" of Westerns?

    The latest edition of the periodical Guns of the Old West has an interesting article about westerns of the 1990s, dubbing said period as "the Second Golden Age of Hollywood Westerns". It covers such pictures as Tombstone, Unforgiven, Dances with Wolves, El Mariachi, etc. It also took a...
  2. CountryGent

    Wyatt Earp: The American Experience

    The other day, while taking a pause from the day's work, I watched this documentary on Wyatt Earp. It is part of the interesting The American Experience series. Anyway, I was thinking my NWFA friends might enjoy this one, so I am passing it along. Cheers. :)
  3. CountryGent

    RIP Bill Paxton

    I just read the actor Bill Paxton died today at the age of 61 due to complications related to surgery. He was in such films as Streets of Fire, Aliens (Pvt Hudson), Predator 2, Tombstone (Morgan Earp), and Apollo 13. RIP.
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