In a reciprocating piston engine, the stroke ratio, defined by either bore/stroke ratio or stroke/bore ratio, is a term to describe the ratio between cylinder bore diameter and piston stroke. This can be used for either an internal combustion engine, where the fuel is burned within the cylinders of the engine, or external combustion engine, such as a steam engine, where the combustion of the fuel takes place outside the working cylinders of the engine.
A fairly comprehensive yet understandable study of stroke/bore effects was published in Horseless Age, 1916.

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  1. Skier

    300 Blackout AR Pistol Cycling issue

    Hey all, I'm curious about people's expectations for 300 Blackout AR pistols and cycling various rounds of different weights... Here's the basic history: Built my own lower (functions great, no issues) Bought a fully assembled 300 Blackout upper with a 10.5" barrel and carbine length gas...
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