Ingenta is a UK-based international provider of content services for the publishing industry. Customers include both academic and trade publishers as well as information providers. Ingenta plc is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker ING.The company provides software systems and services for the publishing industry, including systems that support the infrastructure of a publisher (including production, distribution, royalties and editorial) and the digital delivery of publisher products. Their Publishers Communication Group division provides sales and marketing consultancy services for publishers.
The company operates primarily from the UK (Oxford) and the USA (Boston, MA and Somerset, NJ), with local offices in Brazil, India, China and Australia.

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    Man jailed in NYC for bringing a firearm aboard a redirected airplane

    As usual, if this isn't in the right section please move it to where it belongs. Here is a link to the story: Just another reason not to go anywhere near NYC with a firearm. The whole thing is simply Crazy...
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