Quail is a collective name for several genera of mid-sized birds generally placed in the order Galliformes.
Old World quail are placed in the family Phasianidae, and New World quail are placed in the family Odontophoridae. The species of buttonquail are named for their superficial resemblance to quail, and form the family Turnicidae in the order Charadriiformes. The king quail, an Old World quail, often is sold in the pet trade, and within this trade is commonly, though mistakenly, referred to as a "button quail". Many of the common larger species are farm-raised for table food or egg consumption, and are hunted on game farms or in the wild, where they may be released to supplement the wild population, or extend into areas outside their natural range. In 2007, 40 million quail were produced in the U.S.
The collective noun for a group of quail is a flock, covey or bevy.

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  1. 2DaMtns

    Quail hunting

    I'm new to the PNW and live on property that is infested with quail. I've been considering harvesting a few. Figured I might as well save them from all the predators around. I have a 20g full choke single shot, and a 12g with full, modified, and improved chokes (I think, been a long time...
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