Pistola is the last studio album made by Willy DeVille. It was released on Mardis Gras day in 2008 as a nod to DeVille's musical roots in New Orleans. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with Brian Ray, Lon Price, The Valentine Brothers, and other musicians who had played with DeVille for years. For this album, DeVille borrowed bassist Davey Faragher and drummer Pete Thomas from Elvis Costello's backup band, the Imposters (DeVille's band Mink DeVille toured with Elvis Costello in 1978). John Philip Shenale produced the album, his fourth production effort for Willy DeVille.
Said DeVille about his choice of titles for the album: "I wanted (the album) to sound like those old cowboy movies ... Pis–to–la: the sound has that feel of the western, and something hot too. An exciting sound, just like what I hope the music will be for people."

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