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Old Glory is a nickname for the flag of the United States. The original "Old Glory" was a flag owned by the 19th-century American sea captain William Driver (March 17, 1803 – March 3, 1886), who flew the flag during his career at sea and later brought it to Nashville, Tennessee, where he settled. Driver greatly prized the flag and ensured its safety from the Confederates, who attempted to seize the flag during the American Civil War. After the war, Driver's daughter and niece feuded over which of them owned the original Old Glory. In 1922, both flags claimed to be the original "Old Glory" became part of the collection of the Smithsonian Institution, where they remain at the National Museum of American History.

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  1. IOM

    Remembering Old Glory

    As the NFL continues to dig their knees into political Astroturf, Americans continue to tune out. Even the most diehard fans get riled up when they witness disrespect shown toward our flag and, ultimately, to the men and women who have sacrificed dearly to preserve the very freedom that the NFL...
  2. LuckySG

    Something patriotic that goes bang! Bond Old Glory Black $575

    SOLD *** I could not pass on this one from Bond Arms when Davidson's offered a deal for the 3.5" Old Glory in .45 Colt/ 3" .410 shells. It has a very comfortable heft in one's hand (22 ounces) and unlike some other brands that make derringers this has beautiful and tight tolerances. Of course...
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