The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network or NIBIN is a specialized computer network in the United States. It contains digital images of recovered pieces of ballistic evidence.
Running on the Integrated Ballistic Identification System or IBIS platform, NIBIN enables U.S. law enforcers to rapidly determine if a piece of recovered ballistic evidence came from a firearm that has been previously used in a crime.
There are certain criteria that must be met prior to entering information into the NIBIN database. For instance, cartridge cases from a .22 caliber firearm or a revolver are normally not entered.Using NIBIN, law enforcement staff can identify firearms in new cases that were used in prior incidents. A series of seventeen different Washington state crime scenes involving seven firearms, and three different agencies in two counties, was identified using information provided by IBIS/NIBIN.

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  1. Hueco

    National  Possible to force newly manufactured ballistics through NIBIN?

    In discussing solutions for the nebulous "gun control" with some peers, I brought up the following scenario (using my DW as an example): - DW produces my 9mm Guardian - DW recovers a test shot and submits the ballistics to NIBIN - DW maintains a record of the ballistics record number + gun...
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