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"M.O.R." is a song by English rock band Blur, from their eponymous album Blur. "M.O.R." reached number 15 in the UK singles chart on its release as a single in 1997.
The song's chord progression was borrowed from David Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging" and "Fantastic Voyage". On the album Lodger Bowie and collaborator Brian Eno carried out a musical experiment in which multiple songs were written with the same chord progression, of which "Boys Keep Swinging" and "Fantastic Voyage" were the two that surfaced. M.O.R is both a continuation of, and tribute to that experiment, as its chorus also lifts the melody and call-and-response vocals from Boys Keep Swinging (Bowie and Eno both received credit for "M.O.R." after legal intervention)."M.O.R." itself stands for "middle of the road", which appears in the lyrics.

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