Minister may refer to:
Minister (Christianity), a Christian minister
Minister (diplomacy), the rank of diplomat directly below ambassador
Minister (government), a politician who heads a ministry (government department)
Ministerialis, a member of a noble class in the Holy Roman Empire
Shadow minister, a member of a Shadow Cabinet of the opposition

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  1. RicInOR

    International  S.Africa 'close to war zone' with 57 murders a day: minister

    S.Africa 'close to war zone' with 57 murders a day: minister South Africa's murder rate rose again last year, official statistics showed Tuesday, with over 20,000 killed across the country -- about 57 a day pop is about 57 million South Africa - Wikipedia
  2. No_Regerts

    Australia Prime Minister Statements on Gun Control

    Interesting he is able to realize that the US and Australia have very different contexts regarding its application of gun control. He also recognized the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution in his comments and that Australia cant provide policy or legal advice due to very different circumstances.
  3. P

    Just joined from Graham WA

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am a retired Chief Petty Officer. I was trained in all kinds of firearms and a certified range safety officer. I am also a photographer and an Ordained mimister.
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