The HTC Wizard (also known as the HTC Prodigy and the HTC P4300) is an Internet-enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PC smartphone designed by High Tech Computer Corporation of Taiwan. It has a touchscreen with a left-side slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The Wizard's functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player in addition to text messaging and multimedia messaging. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, instant messaging, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a quad-band GSM phone with GPRS and EDGE. There are variants which differ in the design of the case, the keyboard and the presence of an on-board camera. On AT&T/Cingular, the Wizard was superseded by the HTC TyTN, known as the AT&T/Cingular 8525. On T-Mobile USA, the Wizard was superseded by the HTC P4350, known as the T-Mobile Wing.

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    Slow Motion Malfunctions of Exotic Firearms

    Kind of a neat-o video, so passing it along.
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