Adrian D Schofield is a player of the Northumbrian smallpipes, the traditional bagpipe of North East of England. In 1988, Schofield joined with pipers Pauline Cato and Colin Ross in forming the band Border Spirit.Schofield's style of playing was initially heavily influenced by that of Border musician Billy Pigg (1902-1968). Schofield produced a biography of Pigg, The Border Minstrel (ISBN 0-902510-16-9) researched by Adrian D Schofield and edited by Julia Say, which included all of Pigg's known compositions, and some other tunes from his repertoire, and was published by the Northumbrian Pipers' Society in 1997. Later in his piping career, Schofield turned to favor the more close-fingered detached method of traditional pipers such as Tom Clough.

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    National  Fingerprint Card Questions

    So, we've completed the paperwork to add my wifely sidekick (@TeacherSmurf) as a "Responsible Person" to our 01FFL. The cover letter, form, and photos are done. Now we need to do the fingerprint card. ATF tells me we can "roll our own" if we are setup, which we are because taking thumbprints...
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