Hoquiam ( HOH-kwee-əm) is a city in Grays Harbor County, Washington, United States. The town borders the city of Aberdeen at Myrtle Street, with Hoquiam to the west. The two cities share a common economic history in lumbering and exporting, but Hoquiam has maintained its independent identity. It shares a long rivalry with its more populated neighbor, especially in high school sports.
Hoquiam (Ho'-kwee-um, or Ho-kwim, to natives) was incorporated on May 21, 1890. Its name comes from a Native-American word meaning "hungry for wood", from the great amount of driftwood at the mouth of the Hoquiam River. The population was 8,726 at the 2010 Census.

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  1. Caveman Jim

    Ammo Inc, a bad lot of reloaded ammo at Bi-Mart in Hoquiam

    Yesterday a buddy of mine stopped over, he is a new AR owner and he had a problem. He said that he shot his new rifle (new 16 inch Stoner upper and new aero lower) about 60 rounds of new 223 brass cased ammo. A few days later he bought some .223 made by ammo Inc., it's reloaded ammo and he had...
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