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  1. Soren

    AR Failure To Feed Problem

    I have this AR (.223 Wylde) that I put together five or six years ago. Previously, it's always ran really really well. Unfortunately (after a couple other AR builds) It's been sitting in the safe for a couple of years and I finally took it out a couple of days ago (I should have cleaned it first...
  2. asbtg

    1911 rounds FTF on Feed Ramp

    For our 1911 gurus, is this a timing/mag issue or a COAL issue? Hollows and LFN both catch on the bottom edge of the barrel at the bottom of the ramp as it's feeding. Is this a nose-dive problem with the mag or do I have a bigger issue? 1911 GCNM vintage 70's, not 'smithed, bubba or...
  3. sigmadog

    Misfeed in wet weather?

    I've had this happen a couple times lately with my Colt LW Commander 45. It usually goes like this: I shoot through my pre-loaded mags (FMJ ball ammo). Everything is hunky dory. It starts to rain/snow while I'm reloading the mags (FMJ ball). I try to keep the rounds dry but it's impossible to...
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