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Algérien was a Cannon-class destroyer escort originally named USS Cronin (DE-107) after Cornelius Cronin, a sailor who was awarded the Medal of Honor during the American Civil War. She was transferred to the Free French Naval Forces in 1944 and became part of the French Navy post-war. She was rated as a frigate in French service. She was renamed Oise in 1962 and scrapped in 1965.

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  1. CountryGent

    ATF Visit & Interview ....

    So, I got a call from the ATF office in Portlandia concerning my 01FFL application. According to the gentleman I spoke to, everything checked out with application submitted to ATF headquarters, so they sent it to his office. There were two additional items not requested on said that he asked I...
  2. CountryGent

    What would you consider reasonable for a firearms consignment?

    So, I have all the paperwork filed (local, state, and federal) to become licensed as an 01FFL. (And am now playing the waiting game, which I have on good authority sucks.) I'm planning various ways to make said side business worth bothering engaging in. One that crossed my mind is handling...
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