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Hi Tim,

Wanted to touch base with you about doing a caliber conversion on a 9mm Springfield Ronin, to .38 super. My intent is to retain the original 9mm functionality of the Ronin and add the .38 super functionality. Is this something you’d be interested in doing and willing to take on? Do let me know either way.

You bet! Give me a call or shoot me a text. (503)957-5231
I have a sam7k-34 with canted sights. Can you fix them?
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I sure can!
Do you repopulate AK barrels and then refinish?
I guess not...
I do not, and I was away this weekend so didn’t see this msg until this am.
Thanks... ;)
Hi Tim.

I recently picked up a Tikka T3x Superlite (223; stainless) and would like to have the barrel threaded to accept a YHM QD brake/suppressor mount. Are you open Saturdays for me to stop by and drop off the rifle?

Do I drop off the entire rifle, or just the barreled action?

Thank you.
Tim, do you have any Remington model 700 long action non magnum 30/06, 270, 280 sized detachable magazines for sale?

My neighbor is looking for one new or used.
He's worried that since Remington is now gone, he won't be able to buy them in the future.

Cheers, Jeff
I have a used FN Mauser with what appears to be a new, unfired barrel chambered in 7x57. I'm wondering if it can be rechambered to .284 Win without being set back? I have looked at the SAMMI drawings and it looks possible except for case length. I'm thinking the extra case length of the 7x57 would just add to the freebore length...?? I want to use the shorter cartridge so I can seat bullets in the 160-175 grain range to the base of the case neck and still have room in the magazine for the longer OAL. I understand that the feed rails would need modification to feed the larger bodied .284 properly. I intend to bring the work to you...
Thanks for your time and assistance,
Greg Smith
Keizer, OR
Hi Greg,
no problem I can take care of this for you
Feel free to give me a call or text.
can you give me an appointment time on Wednesday to bring the action for you to look over?
Can you open the full chokes to IC or Mod on an older O/U? Like on a Citori, 101 etc?
Craig (flashpan)
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Hi Craig, I can on some of them. It depends on the outside diameter of the bbls. When I get back I will check my notes for the min bbl diameters.
I need a barrel fit to a STI 2011 it is a Barsto Match barrel what does that cost and what is the turnaround time currently?

Can you make something like this? I want it on the CZ 550 action and keep existing barrels of different calibres and same bolt-face.

Have you guys ever done any work with the mka 1919 box fed shotgun? Having problems with it Cycling rounds.
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Do you do 1911 barrel and bushing fitting? Perhaps refinishing as well?
Heya Velzy...... I have two AR barrels I need F marked front side posts pinned on. I'm in no hurry for them. They've been sitting here forever. Can you do this and if so how much would you charge for that?
I have a savage 99 in 300 savage. This is a standard non takedown rifle that I would like rebarrled in 6.5 creedmoor. I would like a quality barrel fitted to the savage and the action tuned to this cartridge. Can you give me a choice of barrels and the cost for this service. I also have a browning 81 blr in 308 rebarreled to same 6.5 creedmore. Barrel choices and prices? Thanks, George
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