WTS WA McCree R7LT G5 TMAG chassis - Rem 700 LA folder – FDE

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    McCree R7LT G5 TMAG chassis - Rem 700 LA folder – FDE

    PM only for communication please.

    I have a used McCree's chassis for sale inletted for a Remington 700 long action. No magazine included.

    This stock was bought in FDE color and has some slight krylon stripes when I tried to camo it. The front section (everything in front of the folder) has been used, and there is visual evidence of it being used (some scratches around the magwell, scuffs here and there). There is absolutely no damage or other imperfections that hinder its operation.

    The rear section is brand new and contains parts which are a mix of raw aluminum and FDE cerakote parts. I will make a picture available for clarity.

    This goes for about $700 brand new. I'm looking for $480 for this stock. No way to get into a solid and reputable chassis for less than this!

    I am swamped both at work and in my personal life right now, so it may take me a week or so to ship it out. Please keep that in mind. My feedback speaks for itself, thanks for looking.

    20813808802_1a4ac46c96_k.jpg IMAG3913

    20635327208_f6fd8d2677_k.jpg IMAG3914

    20797028156_06b699cb80_k.jpg IMAG3915

    20797067966_8337e59e28_k.jpg IMAG3916

    20797075276_0c3ad70f6c_k.jpg IMAG3917

    20202388023_d35f4e256c_k.jpg IMAG3918

    20202395313_5b46c66b95_k.jpg IMAG3919
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