FYI - Kel Tec offers parkerized or hard chrome finish “upgrades”

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    Subject: Re: Contact request from KEL-TEC CNC parts and accessories online store
    Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 07:48:49 -0400

    Kel-Tec offers parkerized, $60, or hard chrome finish, $75, “upgrades” to the purchasers of new Kel-Tec P-32, P-3AT, PF-9, and P-11 hand guns. Both the slide and barrel are required. Reblueing a blued slide, $40. Florida residents will be required to pay sales tax. Shipments will be assessed a flat rate shipping, handling and insurance fee of $10.00 for the Slide & Barrel or $20.00 for the firearm.

    Kel-Tec out sources its Hard Chrome finishing and as such we must exchange your original parts for those that have already been hard chromed. Please be advised that your replacement slide and barrel may shoot or act differently. Parts being returned for exchange must be in good to excellent condition. Rusted, damaged, and worn-out parts will not be accepted.

    Hard Chrome is not always available: to avoid unnecessary or lengthy delays it is advised that you contact Rick at our Service Dept. by email

    Kel-Tec no longer offers 1st generation P-32 or 1st generation P-3AT hard chrome upgrades. For the hard chroming of these, or parts you do not wish to have exchanged, or any other manufacturers firearms it is recommended that you contact a licensed facility such as Accurate Plating and Weaponry at; 5229 CR 99 Newville, AL 36353-7241, (334) 585-9488, for your hard chroming needs.

    Email Rick at for availability.

    Thank you,

    Service dept.
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    thanks for the update
    i would love to get my 3at chromed

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