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Free Firearms Safety Course Webinar (I-1639 Compliant)
Posted by PartyWithArty
Virtual Webinar (Zoom). Registration Link in the course description.
Monday, April 26, 2021 - 05:30 PM
Until: Monday, April 26, 2021 - 08:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/Los_Angeles)

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Created by Safer Homes, Suicide Aware & Forefront Suicide Prevention, a center of excellence at the University of Washington (in cooperation with 2AF)
[UWSL]Since the outbreak of COVID-19, historic numbers of people have purchased firearms, with unprecedented numbers of first-time buyers and inexperienced firearms owners.[/UWSL]
[UWSL]In response, Safer Homes, Suicide Aware is launching a firearms safety webinar to address the training needs of first time buyers and others who are new to firearms ownership. This curriculum, developed in partnership with the Safer Homes Task Force and the Second Amendment Foundation, provides a modern, compelling overview of firearms safety inclusive of firearms suicide – the leading type of firearm fatality. The presenters hold a variety of professional certifications as firearms instructors and have extensive backgrounds in both the armed forces of the United States and private-sector marksmanship training.[/UWSL]
[UWSL]This course is open to all, but is particularly relevant for new or inexperienced firearms owners, those who are returning to firearms ownership after a long absence, or anyone else who wishes to attend a refresher course.[/UWSL]
[UWSL]Presenters are Brett Bass and Zachary North. Both are NRA certified pistol and rifle instructors, USMC veterans and avid 2A supporters. [/UWSL]
[UWSL]Most are unaware that [/UWSL]
[UWSL]nearly [/UWSL][UWSL]4 out of 5 firearm deaths in Washington State are suicides[/UWSL][UWSL].[/UWSL][UWSL] Activists have long sought to exploit these gun owners' deaths to promote polarizing partisan agendas; as industry professionals, it is incumbent on us to take ownership of this firearm safety issue and work to save lives instead of playing politics.[/UWSL]
[UWSL]This course meets all requirements set forth for compliance with Initiative 1639 and a certificate of completion can be provided upon request.[/UWSL]
[UWSL]Register here:[/UWSL]


I used to be working in IT stuff until I left the work force a few years back. Since then (and covid)
apparently this Zoom thing has assimilated society...except my household. Q: does my computer
require a webcam in order to participate in this Zoom thing, or can I just watch/listen to the talking
heads when the webinar begins? I'm happy being a bit of a luddite now and have no interest in
zooming with friends and family .... and have chiner watch me. haha
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