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  1. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  NEWS FLASH-WA State SB6620 failed to make vote deadline of March 8th

    5am News JUST came across tv (March 9th) saying SB 6620 stalled and FAILED to make the voting deadline, requiring background checks to be the same as handgun to purchase assault rifles etc, and raising the age to 21 from 18 to buy long guns such as semi auto rifles and shotguns. So that's it...
  2. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  SB6620 public hearing set for 8:30am in Olympia tomorrow morning Feb 27th

    Just a heads up guys. Here is the link to SB 6620 and action dates on left side of page. You can also each other bills atbthe top in the search box such as SB 5444, and SB 6298 and other bills that effect gun ownership/rights. A good link to save and book mark for reference. There's a few...
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